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Series 404 / 405 - External Caliper Gauges

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Series 404 / 405  - External Caliper Gauges Calipers  Measuring Tool

External Caliper Gauges
Series 404 / 405
  • Resolution:
    Digital models: .0002'' / 0.005mm
    Mechnical models: .0005'' / 0.01mm
  • Designed to measure hard to access external work piece characteristics
  • This measuring instrument provides comparison readings and must be set to the nominal dimension using either gauge blocks or an external setting master
  • The digital model allows the display housing to be rotated ±170°
  • Battery (Digital models)
  • Warranty card, Calibration certificate, Instruction manual
Digital Models
Range Arm Length Tipped Length Accuracy Code No.
0-10mm 20mm 1.5mm 0.02mm 404-11-0
10-20mm 25mm 3.0mm 0.02mm 404-12-0
20-30mm 30mm 6.5mm 0.02mm 404-13-0
30-40mm 30mm 9.0mm 0.02mm 404-14-0
40-50mm 30mm 9.0mm 0.02mm 404-15-0
0-20mm 35mm 1.5mm 0.03mm 404-21-0
10-30mm 55mm 3.5mm 0.03mm 404-22-0
20-40mm 80mm 6.5mm 0.03mm 404-23-0
30-50mm 80mm 8.5mm 0.03mm 404-24-0
40-60mm 80mm 8.5mm 0.03mm 404-25-0
Mechanical Models
Range Arm Length Tipped Length Accuracy Code No.
0-10mm 20mm 1.5mm 0.02mm 405-11-0
10-20mm 25mm 3.0mm 0.02mm 405-12-0
20-30mm 30mm 6.5mm 0.02mm 405-13-0
30-40mm 30mm 9.0mm 0.02mm 405-14-0
40-50mm 30mm 9.0mm 0.02mm 405-15-0
0-20mm 35mm 1.5mm 0.03mm 405-21-0
10-30mm 55mm 3.5mm 0.03mm 405-22-0
20-40mm 80mm 6.5mm 0.03mm 405-23-0
30-50mm 80mm 8.5mm 0.03mm 405-24-0
40-60mm 80mm 8.5mm 0.03mm 405-25-0
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